Hi, I'm Eder Christian!

I'm from Lorena, a small city in the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

I've been curious about computers since I was a kid. When I was 17, I got a certificate in technical computing. Three years later, I went to a public college to study Information Technology Management.

Up until this point, we didn't even have a computer at home. My first computer was an old and simple PC that I got from a City Hall NGO project. Three years later, I could finally afford a MacBook Air — it was used but it made me fall in love with Apple products and that's when I knew I wanted to learn how to code. At first, considered Swift or Objective-C, but after some research, I decided to go with web development first and I liked the front-end area.

In 2015, I got a post-degree certificate in Web Applications Development. I would say this is when my career really started, even though I had no experience or knowledge about programming.

The following 5 years were full of new opportunities:

  • I worked at a small marketing agency in my hometown with design and WordPress websites;
  • I dropped everything to move to Sao Paulo city to work at StartSe, an education startup as a front-end developer with basic landing pages using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap;
  • I visited Silicon Valley and took some business courses with this startup;
  • Still at this startup, I worked with sales, marketing, video editing, and design;
  • I started working with React and Next.js, and helped this startup to create a platform to broadcast their online events, which helped me to become a partner;
  • I also became a squad leader;
  • I learned English from scratch by studying online;
  • I attended more than 60 tech events and meetups — and made a lot of friends from the web development community.

In February 2022 I started working at Automatiq, an American company based in New York. It has an automation platform for ticket brokers, where they can do invoicing and pricing, for example, across multiple vendors.

In mid-2022, I created the official website for Padre Fábio de Melo, one of the most popular priests in Brazil, and became responsible for his technology area. I also assist him with streaming platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer.

In March 2024, I launched my course (in Portuguese) on productivity with the help of artificial intelligence, teaching my methods for being productive and some paths that have led me to this point.

Really excited for my next steps in this amazing world!